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It’s important to note that even if you complete all seven actions below does not guarantee your listing will be on the first page of results.  I will say though by actioning these steps will optimise your your chances of first page results when targeting your local SEO.

When we talk about local SEO we are specifically talking about your ‘Google’s MyBusiness’ listing.

Number 1 – Increase the number of reviews

Having more reviews then your competitors websites can make your listing more appealing.  So if your business has very few reviews, encourage your clients/customers to leave positive reviews will be helpful.

Number 2 – Increase the number of citations

The more often your business is mentioned on the Internet, the more likely Google will pick up your site.  If Google sees your businesses as being more popular and sort after then your competitors the more likely you will move up the ranks.

Number 3 – Use keywords in your Google MyBusiness description

If you use the keywords for which you want to be found in your Google MyBusiness page description, this increases the chance of getting listing for local searches that are related to these keywords.

Number 4 – Add as much information as possible

Add a full mix of photos, videos, logos and any ensure you fill in ALL the information on your listing. All this information improves user experience and increases conversions.

Number 5 – Add your full address to your Google MyBusiness landing page

The full address of your business on your website can also be indexed as a citation source that can have a positive impact on your Google MyBusiness listing.

Number 6 – Add geotagged photos and videos

Geotagged photos and videos can make your Google MyBusiness listing more relevant to the location. Many new compact cameras and mobile phones can automatically add location information to photos and videos.

How to Create a Google MyBusiness Listing

Creating a Google MyBusiness listing is easy. Just go to this page, login and submit your website information. When you submit your website to Google MyBusiness, make sure that you follow the tips above.

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