Not only do we ensure your website has a strong online presence, but we also pride ourselves in maintaining a strong emphasis on website security.

website-securityDid you know if your website security is too weak, potential hackers can use your website to distribute viruses and spam mail across the world, and if this happens you run the risk of your domain name becoming ‘black listed’. You can check if your website has been black listed for free at

Website security is something your website developer needs to get right from the start and depending on your arrangement, continue to maintain the security level for you or you’ll need to be aware of the risks and some of the prevention methods, such as

  • A reliable web host
  • Limited number of login attempts
  • Plugins and themes kept updated and tested
  • WordPress also kept updated

The good news is there really is a bunch of information out there on the internet already that goes into a detail on the sorts of threats you need to watch out for. Some website hosts also offer a service (at a monthly fee) that will scan your website daily for malicious files or codes etc and will automatically remove them for you.

We’re not going to get into the nitty-gritty here, but we will be making some blog posts in the future, going into detail on some of the issues we face today and how we can help prevent them. For now, rest assure that help is only a phone call away or simply send an email to our web gurus for more information and assistance if you suspect your website may not be meeting the basic website security levels.

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