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3 More Ways to Improve Website Rankings

By December 21, 2016 July 23rd, 2018 SEO

Recently I found NEXT LEVEL Digital post a pretty cool little article on their blog titled 3 Ways to Improve Website Rankings.  After reading it, I thought to myself, I can add 3 more to the list and see if we can’t get more web designers or SEO experts out there adding a few tips of their own. So here are

3 More Ways to Improve Website Rankings

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1. Get Your Website Content Right

Getting your content right is actually pretty straight forward when you really think about it. But it can be a bit of a balance between writing for people (your visitors) and writing for search engines (SEO).

The best place to start is to write about the most popular questions your clients ask you about. Do this and the next time someone calls you can still answer their question but also direct them to your website for more detailed information.

Be careful not to ‘fluff’ your web pages. In other words, don’t dribble on too much. For example if your focus keyword and landing page is “What time of the year do you pick apples?” make sure your visitors don’t have to read 1000 words before finding the answer. If it’s too hard they will simply leave.

Be unique with your content. It’s ok to search Google yourself using the same keywords your visitors would use and study the results, look at what’s missing or if need be rewrite an existing topic with updated information and higher quality content.

2. Mobile Friendly

Coming into 2017 it is believed that your desktop websites page rank will be affected by the quality of the mobile friendly version of your website. This means if you do not have a mobile friendly website or a responsive website than your page rank in search results may soon be affected in a negative way.

If you do have a mobile friendly website, you still need to review the performance and content.  Things such as load times on your mobile website may very well affect the page rank of your desktop website.

If you have any questions or need to help to review your current websites performance, please get in touch with us or the guys over at NEXT LEVEL Digital for assistance. This is important to get right sooner rather than later.

3. Business Listings

This is an easy one but one that is often overlooked. Now is a good time to review any citations other websites may have of you. Ensure all the details listed are accurate and up to date. This means reviewing listings with white pages or yellows pages if you have them and also the free listings with services such as Google’s My Business, Bing’s Places for Business and True Local etc.

These links are important to have because they are considered to be a quality authoritative links to your website.Take a look at our CutterWelderMaestro client and see his business listings. But it’s also important to ensure all the details are correct such as phone numbers and physical addresses or even email addresses especially if staff have changed over the years than you may need to have these kept up to date.

Business listings are often in the top results of mobile searches.